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Nini Builders, LLC - General Contractor & Carpenter in Naples, FL

Custom Homes, Bath & Kitchen Remodeling, Home Additions & Woodworking

You’re eager to take the next step toward your dream home. Whether you ran out of space, you want to add finishing touches on a room or you’re interested in starting from the ground up, Nini Builders, LLC will handle your project. We specialize in everything from building custom homes to remodeling and woodworking in the Naples, FL area.

There are many words that describe our team, including:


We'll go above and beyond so you'll be pleased with the finished product.


After over 30 years in the trade, you could say that our general contractor knows a thing or two about the business.


Se habla español.


We're licensed to work in Naples, FL and beyond.


We hold an Energy Star certification for building energy-efficient homes.

Spice up your rooms

You like your home in Naples, FL. The kitchen and bathrooms are modern, spacious and stylish. You can admire the ocean from practically any room in the house.

But the living room and bedrooms are, well, boring. That's where the carpenter at Nini Builders comes in. We'll handcraft beautiful moldings and trim that give more personality to your space.

Call now to speak with a carpenter. You'll love how your home looks with the custom woodwork.

When Your Home Cramps More Than Your Style

Increase the square footage with room additions